Exporting RIS-format from Gale Global Issues in Context


I have a problem exporting metadata in RIS-format from for instance Gale Global Issues in Context. It says it exports and Zotero opens, but nothing happens. I can see the answer often is to use the connector instead of the export function, but if I use the connector the metadata is /imported/exported as a webpage and it is actually an article from a newspaper/magazine. I have tried to import the RIS format from the clipboard and that's ok - it is imported as it should be.

The RIS-file looks like this:
DA - 2022/01/12/
DB - Gale In Context: Global Issues
DP - Gale
KW - Johnson, Boris
LA - English
M1 - 15
M3 - Letter to the editor
N1 - Daily Telegraph
PY - 2022///
SN - 03071235
SP - 15
TI - It is for Boris Johnson to look in the mirror and ask himself a question; Letters to the Editor
T2 - Daily Telegraph (London, England)
UR - https://link.gale.com/apps/doc/A689302763/GIC?u=nielsb&sid=bookmark-GIC&xid=f5db82cd
Y2 - 2022/1/13/
ER -

I'm not from the IT department, I'm just a novice user, and really hope somebody can help me solve this issue.

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