Scrivener + LO + Scannable Cite + Chicago Full Note + Endnote Errors

I'm having trouble with the formatting of endnotes & Chicago full notes in LO after using Scannable Cite on a Scrivener RTF converted to ODT file.

Is there any workaround with the Zotero Plugin to convert Scrivener Markers (from Scannable Cite) to inline text with Chicago Full Note, rather than forcing them to convert to Footnotes or Endnotes?

I have some endnotes in my manuscript that are text and some that include citations. For those that are citations, I want Chicago Full Note. The Zotero plugin creates a second set of endnotes, rather than integrating the citations into the existing endnotes.

This doesn't occur if I use Chicago Author Date.

Steps to get there:
1. Scrivener 1.0 Compile to RTF, citations are in Scannable Cite and stored within Scrivener Footnotes
2. Save RTF as ODT
3. Zotero ODF Scan
4. Libre Office with Zotero Plugin

There is a post with a similar issue from @epederick ยท March 2, 2014, but I need an endnote solution (converting all of the footnotes to inline notes will not work for my manuscript). I'm converting a dissertation (~100K words) into a mass market book and need the references to be at the end of the manuscript, woven into longer explanatory footnotes.

Thanks for any/all ideas - I'm desperate to not have to redo 100s of footnotes by hand!
  • There isn't a way to have Chicago Full note citations in-line mixed with those working as notes, but something weird is going on here:

    Citations inserted in endnotes should appear in that endnote, not in a separate set of endnotes, which shouldn't exist.
    I believe a source of the problem may be that in Libre Office you can have "endnotes" and "footnotes at the end of a chapter," which are functionally equivalent but separate entities. If that's possible, what I'd try is to have everything in footnotes while you do the scanning and opening in LibreOffice, and only *then* convert the footnotes to endnotes. I think that should work.
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