WebDAV T-Online magenta cloud

edited 10 days ago
Hi, my setup isn't working anymore... because

1) T-online switched Hard-and Software structure of their magenta cloud and URL
2) the free option is reduced to 3 GB

So my questions:
a) does anyone know how to fix the sign in process? just changing URL doesn't seem to work
b) can anyone name me a free alternative with >3 GB of free space with zotero usecase?

Thx a lot

  • Here is a list of WebDAV services have used with Zotero https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/webdav_services
  • Thx a lot... found it yesterday evening...

    I'm now using pCloud currently 3 GB for free and additional GB's for several actions:
    + like using a Phone app once,
    + installing and using an App once and so on...

    so if you do everything they want you to, you can earn up to 10 GB for free...

    Thx Markus
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