Windows Updated - Word Plugin Ribbon Disappeared

Like the title says, computer installed a routine update and restarted. When I re-opened the word docs I had been working on prior to the restart, the Zotero ribbon is no longer displayed. I've gone through each step on as meticulously as possible several times with no luck. Searched for other tips on this forum and didn't find any other recent issues with other advice than trying to click the empty space between help and Grammarly. Anyone have any other tips?
  • Additionally, I uninstalled the updates that pushed today to see if I could restore functionality, no change.
  • Further info: if I go to the "view" or "developer" ribbon and click Macros, I can manually select the macro I want to run. So basic functionality still exists, but none of the buttons are accessible and neither is the Zotero ribbon button. Any hints on how to get the ribbon back?
  • Did you by any chance modify the Normal.dotm Word template? Did you try removing Zotero.dotm and putting it in the Word Startup folder again (restarting Word in between)? Could you find your Normal.dotm file and temporarily move it away somewhere (like your Desktop), Word will recreate a new Normal.dotm when you restart it.
  • I shouldn't have done anything to modify normal.dotm. I did as you suggested, both removing normal.dotm and removing and replacing the zotero.dotm files. Restarted Word between each step. Still no luck.
  • What's the full version number of Word that you are running?
  • If I found the right version number it should be 16.0.14701.20262.
  • You should try updating to the latest version of Word. Do you have any other plugins in Word? Could you try disabling them? A bit of a heavier debugging option would be to create another user account on your computer and try testing there: make sure you run Zotero first and allow it to install the Word plugin.
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