Cannot sync in my laptop

Sync between the Web library and my desktop works well. But it seems zotero in my laptop cannot communicate with the web library. When I click the sync button, there is no error reported and it then says last sync: several seconds ago, implying that it has done the sync successfully. But actually it did not.
I upgraded my zotero in the desktop to the Beta version last month. I remember from then on the sync in my laptop didn't work properly. I thought the upgrade operation was the cause and I then upgraded the zotero in my laptop a few days ago. However, it still didn't work.
Please help.
  • Debug ID: D2115854313
    I am not quite sure whether I operated right.
  • From the page:
    4) The library isn't set to sync

    In the Sync pane of the Zotero preferences, click “Choose Libraries…” and make sure that the library you're trying to sync has a checkmark next to it. If not, click in the Sync column to enable syncing for that library. All libraries are set to sync by default.
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