re-linking my citations in word with zotero

Hi all,

I've added my citations and reference list to my report in microsoft word. Now when I close and return after some time, the citations are no longer linked to zotero. So if I edit (ie delete a citation), the reference doesn't change (ie disappear in this example) as desired. This is without having hit 'unlink citations' on the zotero toolbar in word. When I hit 'refresh' in the zotero toolbar - I get an error message saying 'you must insert a citation before performing this operation'.

Any ideas as to how I get get the citations linked back to Zotero?

Thanks in advance!
  • If you have a copy of the file where citations are still linked you could use that, otherwise you did something that flattened the citations.

    Please read the following to prevent that from happening:
  • It might be because I've moved the file location - I didn't realise that would affect the citation links? Thanks for your help!
  • Moving the .doc file on disk, you mean? No, that has no effect on citations.
  • Just moving a file from one folder to another wouldn't break the file.
    Most likely you saved it in the wrong format or opened the file a programme that breaks the citations. Please, before you go ahead and manually reinsert your citations, make sure citations are saved in your file and not flattened.
  • Yes - I see. Reading the link, I think I opened the file in google docs at one point, which might have broken the link.
  • That would do it
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