ZoteroBIB and non-english languages


I have problem with czech characters using zbib.org. For example:

ISBN 80-7226-385-4 gives me (Czech ISO690 numeric brackets):
KOCICKA, Pavel a Filip BLAZEK. Praktick?? typografie. Brno: Computer Press, 2004. ISBN 9788025102329.

But it should be:
KOČIČKA, Pavel a Filip BLAŽEK. Praktická typografie. Vyd. 2. Brno: Computer Press, 2004. ISBN 80-7226-385-4.

Zotero is the same. Wrong unfortunately :-(

Thanks for help!
Peter Michalčík
  • Assuming you're inserting by entering the ISBN, there's unfortunately nothing we can do here — WorldCat, where Zotero gets some of its ISBN metadata from, simply serves bad data for these characters. (You can see this if you go to https://www.worldcat.org/title/prakticka-typografie/oclc/56870124, right-click and save the file from "Export to EndNote / Reference Manager" to disk, and open it in a text editor. It just has literal question marks.)

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    This isn’t an issue with Zotero or zbib—the data that’s registered by the publisher that’s associated with that ISBN is poor quality. That’s not uncommon, as ISBNs are not centrally organized.

    If you use a URL for a webpage with better data, you will get correct results, eg https://www.gorila.sk/detail/1304/Prakticka-typografie

    You can also manually make corrections in Zotero or Zbib
  • Just to clarify, this isn't a problem with the registered metadata, which (as you can see) is fine on the WorldCat page. It's just a bug in WorldCat's export pipeline.
  • Thanks for replies!

    I see WorldCat citations are correct for Chicago, Harvard, Turabian
    but wrong for APA, MLA and all exports to the RIS file.
    For example, to RIS file Wordcat.org exports "č" as "c..." (63 EF BF BD). No way to decode it correctly.

    Unfortunately I can not find any place to fill a worldcat.org bug. Tried oclc@oclc.org but I do not expect a reply soon ;-)

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