Updating error Zotero and MS Office

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Hey everyone,

I got a problem while saving a document. I refreshed the citations und saved the document afterwards. Right after I closed the window, an error showed up, says an error in updating the informations occurred.

I tried to work with an older version of the same document, same case.

How can I fix the problem? Thanks for your help.


  • Does it work in a new document? Does it work if you change your computer language to English and restart Word? What's the full version number of Word that you are running?
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    Yes in total new documents it works, but it doesn't work when I copy the whole doc in a new one. I worked myself through the worksheet for troubleshooting. Nothing solves the prob. Even the solution to delete parts of the document doesn't solve the problem. Same with changing the language. I'm using version 16.56 of MS Office Word
  • Did you try changing your computer language to English? If you open a new document, insert a citation, then manually modify the citation text (just add a few random letters) and try to refresh the document with Zotero do you get an error?
  • I tried the change of the language. Doesn't solve the problem.
    I created a new document and tried the described things. I got no error, finally.
    So it looks like the problem is with the original document?
    But a few weeks ago everything worked fine, since then I changed nothing.
    There is no problem in saving changes to the document and all citations look right, even the manual refreshing works fine. But after refreshing die citations, when I close the document, always getting the message, there is an error with updating the document. I can't see any restrictions, but the error message bothers me. I don't want to rewrite the whole document at the end, because of some issues with saving and updating the document.
  • Try copying the document in parts to a new document and checking whether the issue occurs. Running a refresh will take a long time each time, so attempt to insert a new citation instead. This way you should be able to isolate a part of the document that is causing the problem.
  • Thanks, I will try it. Hopefully I will find the causing part of the document.
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