[Bug] Repeated entry in BibTeX file

If a library contains two (or more) documents of different types (e.g. @article and @techreport) published in the same year by the same person, and titles start with the same word, Zotero fails to produce unique identifiers for BibTeX. If they are of the same type, there is no problem, as one of them gets an extended identifier.

Short example from my library:

  • Are these generated by the zotero bibtex export, or by bbt?
  • I just tested the export function in the Zotero app (on Linux), and the file looks ok. I have encountered the issue in the file created and updated automatically in Overleaf. However, I don't know how it is created behind the scenes and which part is responsible (Zotero or Overleaf).
  • Ah, that's probably because it is retrieved piecemeal. Zotere keys are only unique at the moment of export, so if you export in parts, this is what you get with postfixed keys. If you pin your keys using bbt, this problem goes away.
  • Thank you very much! :) Pinned BBT keys solved the problem.
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