How to store and change citation content alway into lower or proper case?

I have noticed that when I import some citation such as "Academy of Management" I'll sometimes get "ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT", which is not the right format I need. However, I don't want to manually change these information everytime I import a new citation. Is there any way I can make this process automatic?
  • For title fields, you can right click and change the case from the menu options.

    These should be fixed automatically on import in most cases. Do you have a URL where they w imported in all uppercase?
  • Thanks. I found this function in the menu options. However, I was wondering if i can do this in batch? For example, I imported this paper " 10.5465/amj.2013.0903 " from Web Of Science, and I end up with uppercase title and publications.
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    Sorry for the delay in getting to this. @Quinn_Ye: make sure you're using the Zotero Connector to save items from Web of Science, not exporting a RIS or EndNote file and adding it to Zotero manually. (The former approach will almost always give you better results than the latter, since we have site-specific translators that automatically clean up common problems like the capitalization issue that you observed.) Saving the paper you mentioned with the connector's Save to Zotero button gets the capitalization right.
  • Hi AbeJellinek. Thanks for your suggestions. However, it would be really helpful if there's a function to change the styles in a batch. The reason is that I tend to download a set of references with their abstracts. It'll be so much easier if I can download the RIS file all at once and convert all the references into a uniform style.
  • You can download in a batch using the connector: if you're on a WoS page that lists multiple items, it should show as a folder icon in your toolbar and clicking will prompt you to choose which to import. If there's a page that isn't supported, let me know.
  • @Quinn_Ye You can try this plugin, which has a submenu to convert to sentence case in Toolbox of Tools
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