PDF failed to import

edited January 12, 2022
I've been finding that Zotero doesn't always grab the PDF from pages like this in PubMed, even though the full text is publicly available:

It can pull it from the associated PMC page:

But it doesn't pull it from either ScienceDirect/Elsevier page, even though it 'sees' the OpenAccess PDF based on it appearing on the list in the Connector pop-up:

It seems like it used to be able to pull the PDFs from these pages automatically, but I may be misremembering. I had to manually merge the first pair of entries and manually download and attach the second PDF after merging the three failed entries for the second article.

Is this something that will be updated in Zotero in the (near) future, or have the other sites changed so much that it won't be resolved soon and we should be expecting to manually go to the other page or download and attach going forward?

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