Latest download of Zotero (MAC) does not install

Hello anyone, I have tried to install the desk version of Zotero on a Mac three times, and it gets me to a page where it asks for an update. When I click, it says there are no updates and closes. I CANNOT OPEN ZOTERO....anyone?!
  • it gets me to a page where it asks for an update
    What does the actual message say?
  • This Zotero database requires Zotero 5.0.97-beta.5+b3e46392b or later.

    Current version:

    Please upgrade to the latest version from

    When I hit the upgrade button, it says that there are no updates available, but I cannot open after that...
  • That just means you previously were running the Zotero beta, so you'll need to install the beta again for now. You can switch back when Zotero 6 comes out.
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