last name with apostrophe

This is probably answered somewhere but I can't find it)

How do I get a last name with an apostrophe to show up correctly? It shows up correctly in the citation, but not in the bibliography (Chicago 17 author-note)

(d’Azevedo 1966)

Azevedo, Warren L d’, ed. 1966.

Thanks so much for the help!
  • This is correct Chicago style according to the manual.

    If you do want to change it, you would need to edit the CSL style file.

    In the first line, find demote-non-dropping-particle="display-and-sort". Change the part in quotes to “never” to have it display as “d’Azvedo” and sort under “d”. Change it to “sort-only” to have it display as “d’Azvedo” but sort under “a”.

    Then, change the style title and ID a few lines below, save, and install into Zotero.
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