Incorrect Citing Styles

I am preparing a research paper that needs to be cited according to APA (7th Edition). In this style, journal articles should be cited like this: Hisakata, R., Nishida, S., & Johnston, A. (2016). An adaptable metric shapes perceptual space. Current Biology, 26(14), 1911–1915. This one is listed in Zotero's Reference Depository. Notice how after the date, the title is written in all lower case letters except for the first word (or words following :).

When I select this option, though, my sources are cited like this: Fisher, R. A., Hoult, A. R., & Tucker, W. S. (2020). A Comparison of Facial Muscle Activation for Vocalists and Instrumentalists. Journal of Music Teacher Education, 30(1), 53–64. It's all capitalized just like it was written in the pdf's. I even checked according to the APA Manual (7th Edition), and the first style is correct.

I believe that Zotero is not correctly creating my APA bibliography.
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