To whom it may concern: Fixing the 204 error with Webdav on a Nginx/Nextcloud server

edited 4 days ago
Hi everyone,

I had the weirdest bug: Zotero was no longer connecting through Webdav with my self-hosted Nextcloud server, while I could make manual, raw, functioning webdav requests.

Turns out, some tidbit of configuration at the nginx level was the culprit:

location ~ ^/(?:index|public|remote|cron|core/ajax/update|status|ocs/v[12]|updater/.+|ocs-provider/.+)\.php(?:$|/) {

# if ($request_method = 'OPTIONS') {
# return 204;
# }

To make it work again, I simply commented out theses three lines, but people more Nginx-savvy could write better configs I guess.

since I think these lines were at some point part of the recommended config for installing Nextcloud on Nginx, I hope that someday, somewhere, this humble post can help someone.

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