How to export bib without month and date (Using better bibtex)

Hi All,

For an item with "date=2015/02/05", the info in bib is right (year={2015}, month={Feb}) when bibtex is used. But the exported year is "year={2015/02/05}" when better bibtex is used. How to set better bibtex to modify this? I hope one of you can give me some help.

Thank you

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    @qswt111 can you open an issue for this on the bbt github project? I can't replicate this problem.
  • @emilianoeheyns I have opened an issue titled "How to export bib without month and date in "year" item (Using better bibtex)". This is my first time to use bbt support log. Please tell me if any problems exist. Thanks for your help!
  • The problematic date is 2019/03/09/ (note the trailing slash). BBTs date parser is more conservative than the CSL dateparser; it's specifically adverse to information loss. This is less a problem for CSL as consumed directly by citeproc vs CSL or bibtex generated for export.
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