exporting a collection -- fewer items than expected?

Hi folks, I bet there's a simple explanation for this.
I have a collection. When I select the whole collection, Zotero tells me there are 452 items.
When I export the collection as a csv and open the spreasheet, there are 449 rows (including the header row, so really 448 records).
Are there four items that didn't make it into the csv export? Or is something else going on?
  • More info: I have figured out that if I expand one of the items (is that the right term?) in Zotero so that the PDF or snapshot is visible, then I select all the records in the collection, as a result the total number of items selected increases by the number of visible PDFs or snapshots.
    So, I scrolled through my collection to see if the 452 number included any expanded attachments. But, actually, there were no expanded attachments generating the 452 number. So, dead end.
  • Any standalone notes? I don't think they export to CSV. Everything else should.
  • I don't believe there are any standalone notes.
  • Any subcollections? If you have "Show Items from Subcollections" checked under "View", the total items include the subcollections, but items in subcollections aren't exported (to do that, you'd have to use select all + right-click --> Export selected items I believe)
  • The collection in question actually is a subcollection itself and has no further subcollections.
  • Should be easy enough to debug. Just sort both Zotero and the CSV by Title and scan down the list.
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