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I'm a French user of Zotero. In a bibliography I added to a Word document, I can see the dates are formatted using the US style: nov. 27, 2019. Which is annoying since we write dates like: 27 nov. 2019 instead.

Windows & Office are (now) configured to use French as their display language. Windows was set to use US English until today, I changed it to French but it didn't change to Zotero's behavior. The Zotero Word plugin is displayed in English but I understand it's not localized. In Zotero's advanced options, French is selected.

Is there a way to control the date format in a bibliography Zotero is creating ?

Thank you very much in advance.
  • You can choose the bibliography locale in the plugin's Document Preferences window. It will default to the system locale, but if that's changed, it would still be set to the previous locale.
  • Hello, thank you for your answer.

    I had a look at this previously and it's set to French already, which can be seen in the bibliography by the way ("consulté le", "disponible sur"...). Just tried to switch to English and back to French, the date format is still incorrect.
  • which citation style? Could you put a whole sample citation with date here as you currently see it?
  • Hello,

    I'm using the IEEE style. Below is a resulting citation:

    [53] « NCS5500 Things to Know / Q&A », Cisco NCS5500 @xrdocs, juill. 09, 2018. (consulté le nov. 07, 2021).

    I would expect the dates to be formatted like:
    (0)7 nov. 2021
    (0)7 novembre 2021

    Thank you.
  • I've just pushed a version of the IEEE style that should properly localize dates. It'll become available on shortly (check for the updated timestamp)
  • Hello, thank you for the fix, can't wait to test :) So far, the IEEE style's last update is still in 2021, will check later!
  • this is now up -- I just fixed one more remaining access date
  • Hello Adam,
    I had tested earlier today and seen no difference; however your second fix did the trick!
    Thank you :)
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