Authors name in lowercase

can someone tell me how to change the case of the authors'names? I'd like to have a kind of option so that at the "import", all names turn into uppercase for the first letter, lowercase for the others but if at least there's a way to do it after.
Of course, I've noticed there's the feature for the title field and I wonder why the name filed doesn't have it.
  • There's no one-click option, but if you're importing all caps authors from somewhere, you can let us know (post the exact URL you're importing from) -- typically we can fix this on import.
  • If you're working on a Mac, I'd recommend an excellent piece of software called TextSoap ( which can be used for all kinds of applications (not Zotero-specific). It comes with a companion app called TextSoapAgent which you can run within an application, so I can simply highlight the author names and change the capitalisation within the Zotero pane. I use it in all other kinds of applications, including spreadsheets and Word - its main use case is for fixing up text through macros, so it's very useful for writers in cleaning up all kinds of text.
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    It's not from a single website and I am not working on Mac.
    I've just found a Chrome extension, "Change Case", that will be quite helping to hanger the case by the weblibrary.
    I guess there is a reason why we can switch the title field and not the name field. Couldn't be useful to some of us to have as options (in Preferences) to choose the title, author format (Sentence case, TitleCase, UPPERCASE, etc.)?
  • I don't think there is a strong reason other than the fact that there's already a ton going on in the author menus.
    @dstillman would you consider adding something? Alternative would be to build an Auto-convert into importing two-part names or so, but writing check&fix into dozens of translators seems silly
  • So far, and with a few Keyboard Shortcuts, the plugin does the job. Quite boring for I have a lot of references names to clean but once done, I guess it would be quite as seamless as the "right click" option of Zotero for the title field.
  • Definitely second this! This issue has really been bothering me for a while. Please consider adding a toggle for the Author field to convert title case/sentense case like the Title field. Some database (e.g. Jstor) stores author names in all UPPERCASE.
  • I second this, a year and a half later!
  • In Zotero 7 Beta, you can do a right-click on the Author field to do a Fix Case.
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