Scite plugin unable to see supporing, dissenting, etc. columns

Hi Everyone,

I am new to the forum, please be patient with me.

I installed the Scite plugin on my laptop and my desktop instances of Zotero. In both instances I was able to see the Scite plugin columns for supporting, dissenting, etc. sometime in the last few days the columns have vanished on both my laptop and desktop. I have tried reinstalling the plugins with no luck. I am able to see the Scite citing information by click on the scite tab on the panel to the furthest right of the screen but I am unable to see the columns. I tried searching online but I can't find anyone else experiencing this issue. It seems like it would be a simple fix to me but I am perplexed. Can anyone offer some insight?
  • You'll need to ask the Scite developers on GitHub or via any other support methods they offer.
  • Hi @sachaally -- this is Ashish from scite. This is a weird issue, could you check to see if the columns were de-selected for any reason in the Zotero dropdown? The little dropdown icon in the top right should open this menu with the list of columns to show and hide.

    See this screenshot for what I mean:
  • I'm a new user so this was an embarrassingly simply oversight. I don't know why those columns were no longer visible but I was able to simply re-add them after I realized that you just have to right click on the column header to add and remove columns. Hopefully someone else can learn from this. Thank you for your patience.
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