First quote has always the first three authors, instead of "et al.,"

When I include a quote from a multi-author study, the style is almost always the same, which is fine (xx, et al., Xx). But for some, when I insert a quote from this study for the first time, the first three authors are used instead (xx, et al., Xx). If then I add the same quote a page after, then it looks as usual. Why some are working form the very beginning on and why do I need a first quote with the first three authors?
How can I change this issue?
thank you
  • This is set in the citation style. You'd need to change that. Where are you publishing or what are your requirements?
  • I’m not exactly following what the issue is. Can you show some real examples of what you are seeing and what you expect?

    What style are you using?
  • Hello, thanks for quickly reply.

    Test 1 (Linton, Overmeer, Janson, Vlaeyen & de Jong, 2010)

    Test 2 (Linton et al., 2010)

    Same style and same document. when I take another study with several authors it works from the very beginning on. It happend only on some studies

    Style is Deutsche Gesellschaft für Phsychologie
  • Can you check that for these items the authors are actually entered properly, one field for each.
  • Yes seems to be ok, to be honest I dont know why some behave like this and some not. if I choose another style it works perfect, just on the style it doesn't.
  • Dgfp shows first five authors in the first citation of an item, as per the style guide
  • hmm, but why on some its working fine? Same document, same style
  • Most likely because those items have 6 or more authors, in which case the style goes to FirstAuthor et al. from the first citation.
    The rules in DGFP/APA 6 are:
    6 or more authors: Always use first author et al
    3-5 authors: Use all authors on first citation, first author et al on all subsequent citations
    1-2 authors: Always use all authors
  • Hi,

    yes that was it. I am supposed to use this style, so maybe it will be fine then.
    There would be a way to change that?

  • You can either use APA 7 and set it to German, or you can edit the style, which in this case would be trivial
  • Thank you very much. APA 7 is just perfect then.

    Nice forum and fantastic tool.

    thanks to everyone
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