Downgrading database?

I've been on Zotero beta for a while now.

Recently I wanted to install zotero dark mode ( which only works well on the stable release.

When installing the latest stable version it says my database was upgraded and requires a newer version of zotero.

How would I go about getting this database to work with stable zotero? I read about reverting to a backup. I see there's a zotero.sqlite and a .bak and .1.bak in the zotero folder but their modified date is from several months back. Would I lose all the work since then if I used those?

I'm just wondering if there's any way I'll be able to go back to the stable version with everything we've done in the past few months.
  • If you're using syncing and are fully in sync, you can delete the Zotero database, downgrade, and sync to pull down data, but you should just ask the developer of that plugin to update it for the beta. Zotero 6 will be released soon.
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