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hi i am trying to sync my online library with that of my laptop app - there is one collection in particular that i am sorting through and moving papers from - i have removed 30 or so in the last day but this is not reflected in my online library - all the other collections seem to be syncing - please help? i should be able to work online and for the work to automatically sync to my desktop right? so far i have been working the other way around - from my desktop app but i want to work the other way around incase my laptop were to crash etc --- many thanks for help!
  • D1616417382 debug id
  • have seen changes not syncing and gone through all - cant find the issue?
  • That just shows a successful sync, so you'd have to explain what it's intended to show.
  • im not sure i understand? basically the changes i made on my desktop app are not appearing on the web app - so i have one collection where online it has 1001 files and on the desktop app 973 - how can do i rectify this so that online library reflects the work i did yday? the process i am doing is removing items from this collection by sorting it to other collections by dragging and then removing from the main collection (the one showing inconsistent numbers)
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    If a change isn't being synced, we need to see a Debug ID showing you 1) making the change locally and 2) syncing. That's the only way we can debug it. We can't debug a change you made previously that didn't sync.

    If there's an item that's appearing in a collection online that you removed it from locally, what happens if you make another change to that item (e.g., adding it to another collection, adding a temporary tag, changing a field, etc.) and then sync? Is it removed from the original collection online?
  • so when i moved an item online that i had removed from the collection yesturday locally and then synced it re appears in the local collection that i removed it from yday --- i am concerned as there are 25 papers that i moved and did not sync online -- what do i do now? do i manually remove them from the online library to reflect the desktop library? and how do i know i do not miss papers as i am collecting research data and if i miss steps / data due to error i will have to start again
  • is there a way to see which other collections an item is in when i click on it in the main collection to confirm that it has indeed been sorted into another collection before removing it from a collection?
  • I was saying to make a change to one of the affected items locally, not online. Edits of course should always sync, but if that didn't happen for some reason, simply making a change to the affected items locally — e.g., dragging them all to another temporary collection — should cause the list of collections the items are currently in to be synced up to the online library again.
    is there a way to see which other collections an item is in when i click on it in the main collection to confirm that it has indeed been sorted into another collection before removing it from a collection?
  • what do you mean by locally? on the desktop app? so i have just made a copy and pasted the collection into a new one which synced well with the online library - but there is still a discrepancy between the online and desktop app on the original collection - still not sure why?
  • is it better to work online rather than on the desktopp app or how do i avoid this from happening? also not sure why its happened - as sometimes i work offline on the desktop app and the hope is that it will sync to the online library once i get online again
  • Locally means the desktop app.

    This shouldn't happen — changes you make anywhere should sync with everywhere else — but we can't debug it at this point. As I say, we'd need a Debug ID for actually making a change and syncing without the change being applied. You should always use the desktop app for any significant work.

    For now, for this issue, I'm saying to drag the items into a new collection in the desktop app, and all of the items' local collection memberships should be synced up to the online library.
  • i have dragged the items into a new collection on the desktop app - the new collection has synced correctly with the online library - but still not the original collection that they have been dragged from?
  • Are you saying the items still appear in a collection locally but not online, even after dragging the items to another temporary collection?

    If so, we’d want to see a Debug ID for dragging the items into a collection and syncing and having them not appear online in all the collections they’re in locally.
  • the items appear in a collection online when they have been removed from the collection locally yes - how do i do a debug id for the above please?
  • locally there are less items - as i have removed items from the collection - the issue is that they still appear in the collection online
  • 1) Find an item that appears in a collection online but correctly doesn't appear in the collection locally.

    2) In local Zotero, start debug output logging.

    3) Drag the item to a temporary collection.

    4) Sync.

    5) Submit the debug output.

    6) Tell us the name of the item, the name of the collection it shouldn't appear in (and doesn't locally), and the name of the temporary collection.
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