Is it possible to display the content of the first note on the right side directly?

I found the note cannot be show directly unless you click it. It is bother to do so when review those papers. I think it is more efficient to recall the main content of the paper if its note/notes are shown direcly on the right side. May I know whether there is a method to do so? Except the unsolve question here:

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    As explained there, you can press + to expand all items in the middle pane. You can then use the up/down arrow keys to move through the notes, viewing the full content in the right-hand pane.

    We could consider showing a larger preview of notes (e.g., 3–5 lines) in the parent item's Notes tab, but given that a note could be very long, I don't think displaying the full content there really works. It's also not impossible that note previews could be moved into the main Info tab as part of a larger redesign, but I don't know if we'll do that.
  • Thank you so much for the reply!
    Yes, the content of the note can be shown in the righ-hand pane by mouse. I think we can omit these bothering steps by just show the content of the first note, if the "Note" in the right-hand is actived by default. Just like the style in outlook where the content of the email is shown on the right if the item on the left is clicked, which is quite convenient to go through all the email. If the preview of the note is possible, we can refresh the memory of the selected paper by just some key features in note, such as bullets, pictures, even if we do not have any impression on the title of the paper or forget the paper. Besides, we can recall a specific topic/collection by just moving up and down on the entries/items in the middle pane without expanding this item.

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