Desapareceram as pastas e toda a bibliografia

Isto é incrível.
Não sei o que aconteceu, mas acabei de ver à minha frente toda a bibliografia que instalei a desaparecer sem conseguir recuperar.
O que hei-de fazer... estou desesperado!!!
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    Either you or someone using a computer you previously synced your library with deleted all the items in your library, at two separate times: all collections were deleted about 26 hours ago, and all items were deleted about 9 hours ago. It sounds like what you saw was those deletions being synced down to your current computer.

    If this just happened, you should be able to restore your data from one of the automatic backups in your Zotero data directory. You wouldn't be able to restore attached files unless you have a backup of the entire data directory that you can restore from.
  • Desculpem insistir, mas tentei fazer o que está no directorio "restaurar", mas não deu nada...

    Haverá algum sítio ou algum assistência remota que me possa ajudar?
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    You'll need to explain exactly what you tried and what happened.

    But the restore will only work if the backup actually contains the data from before you deleted it. You should be able to tell based on the file timestamps.
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    All my library was deleted after I install Zotero in a 3rd computer. When I sync to this new computer, all files were deleted in all computers and in the cloud.
    Also, this is not what happened. Syncing a new computer doesn't delete anything. As I say, you or someone that was using a computer you had set up for syncing deleted all the items in your library (or used the Replace Online Library function from an empty, unsynced library, which does the same thing). That's the only way for this to happen.
  • Thanks a lot a i'm sorry but i'm in panic.

    So. I've done what you have told me to do.

    1. I tried to go to "restore your data from one of the automatic backups in your Zotero data directory", but there is only 2 references in the backup.

    2. I tried to go in another computer copying the files. In fact there is 400 books there, but when I copy the file, the Zotero assume all this books, but in seconds start to delete all this books.

    I had more than 1000 books references...

  • It is automatic.

    When I copy the backup I had in another computer to C://utilizadores/utilizador/zotero the Zotero program read the data, but in seconds start to dele... and thats it.
  • It sounds like you're not going through the steps precisely enough. These are the instructions you want to follow:

    Make sure you follow the closely starting with
    1.) Temporarily disable auto-sync

    and then under 3) use the last option, i.e "If many items were affected or collections were deleted, you can use Replace Online Library to force Zotero to upload the local version of the library, overwriting previously synced changes."

    But please don't follow my post here but go to the link and carefully read and follow the instructions there. They also contain further links should something not be clear.
  • Thanks Adam.

    It worked. Now I only have to see if I can find more data in the backup. I had more the 1000 references. And now I have only 441.

    But it worked as you told me

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