How to cite lectures in the IEEE citation style using Zotero?

From the looks of it, the item for a lecture is `Presentation`, `Manuscript`, or `Conference paper` depending on the context. But, the bibliography generated from them doesn't follow the form for lectures.

There are two forms:

1. **Lecture notes**. `Author. (Year). Title of lecture [Type of Medium]. Available: URL`.
2. **Lecture online**. `University name. (year). Title of lecture. [Type of Medium]. Available: URL`.

Here is what I should get from Zotero:

1. J. Barney. (2011). Documenting literature [PowerPoint slides]. Available: http://moodle.cotr/english/gill
2. Argosy University Online. (2012). Information literacy and communication: Module 2 filing and organization. [Online]. Available:

This is what I get instead:

1. J. Barney, “Documenting literature,” 2011. [Online]. Available: http://moodle.cotr/english/gill
2. Argosy University Online, “Information literacy and communication: Module 2 filing and organization,” 2012. [Online]. Available:

Both are in the `Presentation` item type. The other item types result in the same reference:

- **Conference paper**. Argosy University Online, “Information literacy and communication: Module 2 filing and organization,” 2012. [Online]. Available:
- **Manuscript**. Argosy University Online, “Information literacy and communication: Module 2 filing and organization,” 2012. [Online]. Available:

Am I doing something wrong?
  • So there are two things:
    1. We're not picking up the "Type" in the style. I think that's a bug in the style. If you write "PowerPoint Slides" in "Type", that should probably replace "Online"

    2. The IEEE guide at for some reason has the year in parentheses after the author for lectures. That's inconsistent with the entire rest of the style, which doesn't do this for any other reference type. I don't know if that's a mistake or a terrible idea, but in either case, I'd ignore it.
  • Thanks for the fast reply!

    How can I notify whoever maintains the IEEE CSL style about this potential bug?

    Indeed, the thing about the parenthesis is inconsistent with everything else. I'll see if I can ask someone at IEEE about this. If I get a response, I'll make sure to let you know of the answer. Until then, I'll do as you said and go with what Zotero gives me.
  • this is all that's needed in terms of notification. Someone will fix this in the coming weeks.
  • edited 11 days ago
    Nice. Good luck to whoever will take care of it!
  • @adamsmith, I got a response:

    > Dear Annabella:
    > Thank you for your inquiry. I checked with the editorial team who reviews the style manuals and they said that is the standard currently being used for lectures and is accurate.
    > Thank you for your question and thank you for publishing with IEEE.
    > Best regards,
    > Christine Vartanian
    > Author Engagement & Product Support Program Manager
    > IEEE Publications

    This is in response to my question of whether the form for lectures is correct,.
  • Thanks -- I'm afraid we'll still not be able to do this. "Presentation" is used for different types of presentations (e.g. also unpublished conference papers) and there's no way for Zotero to tell what type of presentation you're citing.
    I continue to think that this is a completely non-sensical rule (citation styles should be systematic, not arbitrary) that's best ignored. I doubt many IEEE copyeditors are aware of it either ;)
    We'll still fix the Type though.
  • I too agree that the rule is nonsense. That's one of my reasons for switching to NLM. Also, thanks for working on the Type issue. In general, thanks @adamsmith for always getting back to me.
  • I've just made some changes to IEEE style that will put the medium in square bracket -- but *not* the content of the type field for presentations. This means you'd need to use medium: lecture or medium: PowerPoint Presentation in the Extra field to have those show up. Currently I only have them show up for items with a URL, but open to be convinced the medium should always be there (the guide isn't much help...)
  • Thank you for making the changes, @adamsmith!

    I don't know if the medium should always be there. Then again, I'm using NLM now. Perhaps someone experienced with IEEE could chime in. That or you could always use the contact support: But I'd say you did well, specially considering that the guide barely helps.
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