pdf reader: 'h' and 's' shortcuts intermittent

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I use 'h' a lot to switch to the hand tool while reading a pdf, and I've noticed that sometimes I'll press the key repeatedly and the cursor will remain in text-selection mode. This will often be fixed if I keep pressing 's' then 'h' then 's' again etc.

edit for clarification: looks like it happens when focus shifts. selecting a highlight or a typing in a comment etc., 'h' will no longer work until 's' is pressed first.
  • I can't reproduce the issue. Although if a comment is focused (or you click an annotation without a comment and the comment gets focused automatically) then 'h' and 's' won't work because you're typing in a comment. But if you think 'h' or 's' doesn't work and you're sure that no comment is focused, then you can try to describe more detailed steps how to reproduce the issue.
  • Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure what's changed, but I'm no longer seeing the issue.
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    Scratch that: I have reproduced the issue.

    If I start with 'h' and 's' working normally, but then 'Add Note' from the pdf reader toolbar and insert a note, when I finish typing and close the note by focusing back on the page, 'h' no longer works until I press 's' first. Please confirm.

    Edit: I think it only happens if I begin with the hand tool active when I click on 'Add Note'. What seems related is that if I select a note with the hand tool, I can't switch focus/click back onto the main page until I switch back to 's'.
  • Yes, in this case it stops working, I can reproduce. We'll fix it.
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