Citation at one place with the same number but different small letters[1a-c]

Hey guys,

when citing several different papers at one place (e.g. when counting up different papers for one issue) it will always put them under different numbers (e.g. [1-3]). Is it possible to make it the same number but with different small letters (e.g. [1] when citing and in the bibliography it would be [1]: a) A. Author, J. of Athrs, ...; b) B. Bauthor, ...; c) C. Cauthor,....)? If possible, how to implement it?
  • Not possible
  • Ok that is unfortunate... You know if other citations programs can do that? I am asking as there are many journals doing their citations that way and I am asking myself how they did it.
  • I believe Endnote can. None of the ones using CSL (Mendeley, Readcube, Paperpile, etc.) can
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