[Beta]: Suppress author not working in the new Note Editor

Checking the "suppress author" box in the Insert Citation dialog in the new Note Editor does not suppress the author name(s) as it does in the word processors.

Working with Zotero 5.0.97-beta.63 on a Mac OS 10.14.6.
  • Citations in Note Editor are only for preview and don't support any citation style or configuration options. As soon as a note is inserted into a word processor, citations work as expected.
  • I see. I agree that the variety of citation styles Zotero provides is not necessary at all while note taking. But may I make the point that when one is taking notes, the use of a common narrative tool such as suppressing the authors is incredibly useful?
  • To point out my use case, I should mention that I use the new Note Editor in Zotero as my note taker. I do not keep my notes in Word or other word processing software for this, since why duplicate the same note in another software not designed to do that?

    I use the "Add Note" function to a Word file only for sharing them with colleagues, or on the rare occasion that parts of my notes end up in a manuscript.
  • Yeah, we should support this — what you describe is exactly how we intended the new note editor to be used, so supporting narrative citations makes sense. I've created an issue for it.
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