Stop snapping My Library pane shut when I resize it

Is there a way to stop Zotero from snapping the My Library pane completely shut when I try to re-size it by click-and-drag? The way it works now is, your only choice is between completely closed or more than about 1 1/4" wide. Zotero overrides any attempt to make it it less than that. This is 100% non-standard user-interface behavior and offers zero benefit, only annoyance. I'm not saying that no program on earth has ever done this but in the hundreds of programs I've used I've ever seen such a thing. For example, Windows Explorer (1) lets you resize down to about 1/2" and (2) does not snap shut when you hit the minimum.
  • No.
    It's also more common than you make it out to be. E.g. left pane in MS Outlook behaves like that, as do panes in the Mozilla suite of software (Firefox, Thunderbird), from which Zotero inherits the behavior. The fact that it's inherited from the UX framework also means it's highly unlikely to change in the short term.
  • My notes pane in beta is about 3 1/2" wide, and will snap shut if I try to resize it.
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