Bug for formatting 'annotation' in "heading" style in the Note Editor(『Zotero Beta』)

edited January 6, 2022
The note is generated by the 'Add item notes from annotation".

In the Note Editor, the 'annotation' content can't be formatted in 'heading' style.

The link("") and the content will be lost (blank) if the 'heading' is used.
  • Active annotations and citations currently aren't supported in headings and some other blocks. But, I agree, it should at least preserve the text when converting into another block.
  • Thanks for your reply. Will the feature be supported in the future version of the Note Editor?
  • Active annotations and citations in headings currently aren't planned, unless there would be a demand for that.

    Why exactly do you need those? Could you describe your workflow?
  • edited January 7, 2022
    In my workflow, some 'highlights' themselves are the heads of the paper. I hope to preserve that format to make the structure of the excerpt notes clear, and clicking the head formatted 'highlights' can bring me to their positions in the paper.

    Thanks for your care.
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