[iOS beta] cannot scroll with fingers when using apple pencil to highlight

When selecting the drawing pen, we can still scroll the PDF with a finger — this respects the OS’s setting to "draw with pencil only".

However, when highlighting is selected, moving a finger also highlights instead of scrolling. This isn’t useful, nor consistent across tools (and other PDF reader apps).

Can this be modified please?
  • additional information: this is intermittent, meaning that sometimes selecting the highlighting tool allows finger scrolling, sometimes not... clearly a bug then !
  • can someone help here? this is driving me nuts!

    I have no idea how to "fix" it once scrolling starts to highlight!

    disconnecting the pencil, playing with OS settings, nothing works!
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    Hi @alexcr87, thanks for reporting this. Can you elaborate a bit what actions you take that result in a finger highlighting instead of scrolling while using the Apple pencil?

    It should help to simply turn off highlighting and turn it back on. But I hope we can debug this properly together.
  • if you "long press" the highlighting button with the pencil (did that by mistake sometimes) then your fingers will highlight instead of scrolling

    the only way to revert this back is to...highlight with the pencil some text — otherwise it stays that way even through reboots of the ipad, closings of the app, etc.

    this does not seem to happen with the other tools
  • Thanks. I found an issue here and this should be resolved in next build.
  • no worries, thank you!

    as long as I know how to fix this in the meantime it’s not a big issue ;-)
  • Currently you'll just have to tap the screen with pen after you enable highlighting or inking. That way the pencil is detected and fingers will only scroll.
  • yes that’s what I figured!

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