Citation style incorrect

I need to format my document in accordance to the Gut Microbes citation style. The one in the Zotero library is false, as there is a punctuation after the Journal missing and there is a space where it doesn't belong (after the semicolon, before the page information).

I'd really appreciate it if someone would correct the citation style as I'm literally too stupid to do it myself. Thanks so much!

According to the journal ( it should look like this:

12. Duffy J, Johnsen P, Ferris M, Miller M, Leighton K,
McGilvray M, McNamara L, Breakwell L, Yu Y, Bhavsar T,
et al. Safety of a meningococcal group B vaccine used in
response to two university outbreaks. J Am Coll Health.
2017;65:380–388. doi:

But it does look like this (this is the wrong version):

3. Davis C, Bryan J, Hodgson J, Murphy K. Definition of the Mediterranean Diet: A Literature Review. Nutrients 2015; 7:9139–53.
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    That style is a dependent style and pointing to another style. But I guess that's outdated.

    You can use this style for the time being as it matched the formatting requirements, at least for journal articles:

    I get this fixed in the coming days.

    (Looks like we should create a numeric Tayloer&Francis CSE style?)
  • Thanks so much! Please let me/us know when/if you fixed the citation style - I agree it would make sense to have a Tayloer&Francis CSE style.
  • The numeric CSE style for T&F is now available:

    I'll get a PR to change the dependent style switched to this style up now.

  • Hey! I wanted to use this style, but noticed there are still some inconsistencies.

    I will try and fix them myself, and submit a PR if I succeed, but to keep you up to date:

    - numbering should be dashed starting at 3 consecutive refs, it is currently not.
    - I cannot find anything about the [Internet] section that is added to most references
    - In addition to the DOI, a PMID should be added when available.

    I will try and fix this as I fix my own refs, let me know if I can/should submit a PR,
  • The pmid is optional, didn't see it in most articles
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