IOS sync error in webdav - regression error build 169

edited January 2, 2022
In build 168 my webdav sync is working fine. In build 169 it stops working.
The error:
"The webdav server did not accept the username and password you entered."

I have debug ID's:
D1817568109 version 168 working
D319619337 version 169 not working
D1214500237 version 175 not working

it is working on the desktop app: 5.0.97-beta.62+ad02b7019
When I reinstall build 168 it starts to sync again.
  • @dstillman could you check my debug logs?
  • edited January 18, 2022
    We're still trying to reproduce this, but without access to that provider we don't have a good way to do so. No one else has reported this recently.
  • i have the same issue, past version 168, webdav sync is not working for me on ios, while syncing just fine on desktop.

    debug id for 182:
    D1445697156 (not working)

    as of 182, unfortunately, i seem unable to revert back to 168 to provide a debug id.

    my webdav server is part of owncloud, so it could be possible to reproduce with a local owncloud instance that runs in docker or so.

  • I have the same issue.
    I am also using owncloud as a webdav server.
    debug ID: D1657963310
  • With the latest build 192 it is working again. I hope it works now universally for owncloud webdav servers. I have downloaded a few folders with 200 articles and books, flawlessly.
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