[Beta]: Note Editor Search Box Inaccessible via Cmd-F

edited December 31, 2021
Really enjoying using the new Note and PDF Editors. Thanks again for all the hard work to add them onto Zotero.

Working in the latest beta Note Editor on a Mac, once a search has been performed and the main window has been clicked in, I cannot go back to the search box using Cmd-F. The only way I can go back to searching is by clicking in the search box. This means that I also can't close the search box unless I click in the search box and hit Escape.

It would make search-and-edit much more efficient if the Cmd-F shortcut worked for an active search box.
  • Yes, this isn't right. For now we'll make Cmd-F to work all the time when note editor is focused. Thanks for pointing this out.
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