[Beta]: Dragging annotation or citation into Note deletes paragraph

edited December 30, 2021
I am not sure if this is intended behavior, but using the latest beta (5.0.97-beta.62) on Mac OS 10.14.6, I see the following.

If I drag an annotation from the pdf reader into a Note window, the dragged annotation deletes and replaces the paragraph it gets dropped after, even as the line-shaped cursor is blinking at the end of the paragraph separated by white space. Same happens if I drop a citation from the main Zotero window (but not if I choose to add the citation using the + sign above the Note editor). I cannot think of any reasons why one would want to replace an entire paragraph by dropping a citation or note at the end of that paragraph.

The only way to not delete while dragging/dropping an annotation or citation into the Note editor is to make sure to drag to an empty line, and then carefully delete space before it to move it up into the previous paragraph.
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