Search box layout broken

When typing into the search box, it suddenly becomes taller (almost twice the normal size), the original clear button is displaced, and another (empty) clear button appears. Here's a screenshot:

The screenshot is from version 2.0b7.4 (WinXP), but the problem has been present in the last few releases.
  • Do you use a non-default skin with Firefox?
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    That couldn't be the cause, it's just the same with the default one.

    Do you mean that you are not seeing the problem on your computer?
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    no. This seems rather unique or else we would hear a lot more about this on the forum. Anything else unusual about your FF?
    edit: but also - this doesn't affect functionality, does it?
  • This happens even in a completely new profile, with only Zotero installed (no other extensions, except Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant). Note that you have to type into the search box to trigger the problem.

    I haven't noticed that it would affect functionality yet, but it's pretty annoying (it makes the toolbar wider too). It only appeared in recent versions.

    I am not aware of anything installed on my computer that could interfere with Firefox to cause this problem.
  • I see the same thing on 2.0b7.2 on XP. Didn't see it on the trunk build in Linux; haven't looked at the possible cause.
  • it's not in the regular build on Linux either.
  • Should be fixed in the latest dev build. Thanks.
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