Impossible OOo integration after upgrade to 2.0 beta

For some reason OpenOffice integration collapsed in my Zotero 1.0 install, and after much frustration I decided to follow the advice, given somewhere in this forum, to upgrade to the 2.0 beta.

I'm now on Zotero 2.0b7.4 / Zotero OpenOffice Integration 3.0a4 using Ooo 3.0 Writer on Ubuntu 8.04.

It turns out I can't upgrade old .odt files. If I try, I get a long error that starts with this:
An error occurred communitcating with Zotero: javaq.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -2 at java.lang.String.substring( at
What I can do, however, is copy the contents of a 1.0 file into a 2.0 one, then add another citation and have the references rebuilt. This, however, results in a reference list in which an author's multiple publications for the same year are extended with an alphabetic letter in order of prior appearance in the text rather than order of publication date.

Several instances of the following error are also found in the log file:
[JavaScript Error: "this._editor is undefined" {file: "chrome://zotero/content/bindings/styled-textbox.xml" line: 152}]
Thanks for any help.
  • Inspired by this comment, I went looking for duplicate references (I use .odt and references rather than bookmarks) -- and did find a duplicate line (compare the first line with the highlighted one) but removing the duplicate citation and rebuilding the references did not fix the issue: the list remains a jumble.
  • This issue looks related if the error message is anything to go by.
  • It turns out that Zotero now sorts all references in the list of works cited (APA) by their order of appearance in the text.
  • In a newly created file citing several works by the same author, some of them published the same year, Zotero no longer assigns an alphabetic letter as a unique identifier to works published the same year; the list of works cited just follows the order in which the citations appear in the text.
  • I've done some testing. On a brand-new Ubuntu 9.4/OOo 3.0.1 install (as opposed to Ubuntu 8.4/OOo 3.0 in all of the above) with the latest Zotero 2.0 beta and the latest OpenOffice plugin, Zotero's APA-style references list will sort publications of the same author in the same year in the order of their appearance in the text rather than the order of their publication date; changing the order of appearance in the text will change the order of appearance in the references list. It looks like something has gone haywire somewhere, and it appears to be unrelated to the process of upgrading 1.0 documents to 2.0.
  • Can I get this treated as a bug report?

    On a new Ubuntu 9.4/OOo 3.0.1 install with the latest Zotero 2.0 beta and the latest OOo integration, APA references get sorted in order of their appearance in the text rather than the order of their publication date. An author's publications in the same year sometimes do get affixed with a alphabetic identifier after the year, sometimes they don't -- in either case, they get sorted in the wrong order.
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