How can I add my friend's library? I can't sign out and put her credentials

My friend is finishing her Ph.D. and I recommended her use Zotero. We want to share the burden of adding all now in last minutes (we have 3 days) and I tried singing out of my account and signing in with her User Name and Password but my computer (MacOS 11.6) will not let me. Can you help? In the meantime I do something else. Thank you
  • Not sure that you're saying the problem is — the correct username and password would certainly work on any computer — but the normal way to do this is to use a group.
  • I assume they have their own library and get a warning?

    In that case, a solution would be somewhere involved. Best O can think of are multiple profiles
  • If they’re fully in sync (and, for good measure, have a backup of the Zotero data directory, as the warning advises), there’s no harm in switching accounts temporarily. Easier than setting up multiple profiles.
  • Thank you, I will explore the group possibility. It is me who has 1500 entries. She is starting house the database. Even ifI have my backup done, I am afraid. In any case, I signed out, and signed in with her credentials and was not able to do so. So, I asked for guidance. I will try the options you mention. Many thanks and Happy 2022!
  • What exactly does "not able" mean in this case
    ? Can you sign into her account here on the website?
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