Tags Idea

edited December 25, 2021

So! CAN'T SUFFICIENTLY EXPRESS how AWESOME it will be to be able to add tags to annotations.

One thing occurred to me as I was agoging on the POWER of how great this feature is going to be. Many documents arrive with their own "tags" - these seem to be nearly a Dewey Decimal sort of categorization added to the document in the tag field.

Take for example this file: https://library.oapen.org/bitstream/handle/20.500.12657/37985/9789004276864_webready_content_text.pdf

If I add this using Zotero 5, automatically the tags:


are populated.

I'm guessing these tags would likely be already in use as "Custom" tags by many writers. And, may not actual be a fit for the document.

Or, even further, if one tag was really a KEY tag, used only super judiciously by the writer who wouldn't want things just jumping in on their own custom tags simply on account of that's how the document may be conventionally categorized.

Seems like it may be good to have a setting like, prefix all native tags from document with the tilde symbol


Or, some other method? So that each document's native tags need not need to be unset by hand upon import.

How does that sound?


  • If you’re saying that Zotero should allow users to disable the automatic tagging that happens with many sources, then Zotero already allows for that. You can choose in Preferences to disable the automatic tagging by default. For those already in your library, you can right click on the arrow at the bottom right of the tags pane and choose to Hide automatic tags (the tags will still be in there but you won’t see them in the tags pane) or you can now delete automatic tags from the selected library from the same menu.
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