Feature suggestion: Sync open tabs and save/load tab configurations

I really like that Zotero now memorises open tabs. What would be great is if this could be synced between devices, so that when I move to a different computer I have the same papers open. More generally, some browsers now have the option to save and load tab configurations. Similarly, I could work on one science theme, have a bunch of relevant papers open, and save this (as well as syncing). Then on a different theme, later back.
  • I'm not sure about the status of this suggestion, but I totally support it.
    Nowadays some browsers (Firefox for example) have the feature to "Sent Tab to Device". Would be great to have something like this.

    Is there any other formal way to suggest a feature or this is the only way?

  • This would be quite helpful for people like me who reads multiple paper/books parallelly(well I think this may be true for most people? When reading some serious, it's very common to use various sources as references)

    Currently I use a "reading" tags to track the books I'm reading, so that I can find and open the same set of books when using different machines.

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