Warning about two accounts when syncing

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  • I encountered the same problem as Harrington A1: I installed Zotero on a new computer and since I had a "conflict resolution" dialog box each time I open Zotero, saying there are 2 accounts and I should choose one. I did the mistake to choose one and all my zotero database disappeared from both online and my labtop. In addition, I think that I created two accounts with my professional and personal email. I fail to connect to the professional one and the personal one is empty. on the Zotero folder, there are the following files: zotero.sqlite, zotero.sqlite.bak and zotero.sqlite-journal but I don't know how to use them to restore my database.
  • No, you're misunderstanding what happened.

    This isn't a "conflict resolution" message — that's something completely different.

    You get this message when you've previously synced with one Zotero account on a given computer and then try to sync with another. Zotero warns you that it will need to delete all local data for the old account, requires you to check a checkbox saying "Remove all data for “[old account]” from this computer", and says to make sure you either have uploaded any data to the old account before continuing or have a backup of your Zotero data directory.

    Assuming one of those is the case, you can restore by either switching back to the old account or restoring from the backup.

    The local zotero.sqlite files aren't relevant, because when you switch accounts it deletes all the local data, as the message says and as you give it explicit permission to do.

    In no way does this affect an online library, so you're mistaken there. You're likely just looking in the new account online rather than the old one.
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