Tags on Annotations - Not Showing Up


Soooooooo, SO stoked about the PFD built in. And, AND...we can add tags to annotations! Whooooooooooooooooooo! Really...I was millimeters away from posting on freelancer.com to try to get some kind of apparatus to finally built to work with PDF X-Change editor. ALL that money should go to Zotero!

I just opened a file in the built-in viewer. I added a yellow highlight & 3 tags I closed the file - just closed it - clicked "x" at the top corner.

Looked in the interface, I didn't see where the tags for the annotation were?

How will the tagging of annotations within a specific file be displayed? Where can we see them? Is it in a pane?

And, is there some global pane of annotation tags? Either for a project, or globally - actually all?

Forgive me if I'm using imprecise taxonomy on the names there. I'm new to Zotero.

But...if I can add multiple tags to highlights and annotations, and then have a way to jump through those in a document - or, Heavens! - a collection of documents...such a HUGE game changer.

Please tell me how it works? How can I see the tags added to annotations, and what leverage is there for them, within a document and across documents?


  • Tags on annotations aren't yet filterable or searchable in the beta, but they will be.
  • Hi,

    Got it.

    From everything I can read the concept you're about to roll out...is such a paradigm shift. It will put Zotero in another league. And will be such an advantage to users!

    THANK YOU for taking the time and effort to understand the need folks have.

    You must have about 100 things on the stove cooking! Phew! What an undertaking. Got to feel overwhelming at times, I'll bet. *Thank you* for this hard work. We're all looking forward to the amazing outcome!


  • Hi @dstillman !!

    Any news on tags on annotations? Is that working in the beta?


  • Yes, you can now filter annotations by tag and color in the annotations sidebar of the PDF reader.

    Nothing related to annotations currently appears in the library view.
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