Import/Export annotations - inking

The new import/export annotations feature is a game changer! I note a weird behaviour though: when I export to a file with inking (added by iOS Zotero) on the desktop to a PDF, the PDF has these inks. But when I re-inport it, I loose these ink annotations. Ink annotations done elsewhere (PDF Expert in this case) remain, but are not converted, but remain as fixed items.
  • And ink annotations disappear from the PDF file after the re-import?

    Could you send an example PDF that we could try to re-import, to with a link to this thread?
  • Done, thanks! It seems that simply exporting and then re-importing is fine, but exporting, adding stuff elsewhere, and then re-importing broke the example file. I suppose that's less of a Zotero issue and more of a PDF Expert issue?
  • There was an issue in Zotero. It should be fixed in the next update.

    Although if you are modifying ink annotations that were exported from Zotero, they might become read-only annotations that won't be imported anymore. But they should never disappear.
  • Exciting- looking forward, thanks. Which workflow do you suggest for exporting annotations, opening outside, re-importing the new pdf, and re-importing the annotations from it? I'm doing this manually now; Zotfile seems overkill and does not (yet) support the import/export?
  • Also, I wonder if some ink annotations done by some other software will be importable, or do you only import Zotero ink?
  • Thanks for the update, this now works well. If you have a minute, it would be great if you could explain which ink annotations are compatible, and which are not. Perhaps there could be at least one Android app with full ink compatibility to make up for the lack of a native client? Also, if you or someone else have ideas for a workflow I'd appreciate sharing them here.
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