Windows beta deletes field being editing when a brief sync occurs

edited December 16, 2021
Hi there,

This is more an annoyance, and I didn't see anyone else post about it, but when I'm editing a metadata field and the Zotero beta (using the non-installed Windows version) does a quick sync, it deletes whatever field I'm actively editing or reverts an edit/deletion back to its previous content. I'm in the process of QCing a very large group library, so it's happening with every item. I simply use Edit/Undo when this happens, but it's annoying. I don't want to turn off automatic syncing since I'm making a lot of edits. Any suggestions?

When I try to open the released version of Zotero, it says my database requires beta, so it appears I don't have a choice in using beta. Let me know if there's a way around this.

  • Can you provide a Debug ID for this happening, as well as exact steps to reproduce it? It's not a general issue, so it's something specific about your setup or the exact steps you're taking.
  • Hi there - sorry for the delay, I went on vacation. Okay my debug ID is D1347749110. Hopefully that helps. Let me know if I need to provide anything more.
  • Here's another - D209287262. I worked longer in case you needed more information.
  • I see the same with the beta n Win11. Happy to share more about my confit if helpful,
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    @tina_cardona: Does this happen for a new item you create, or only items you imported from Mendeley?

    Does it happen in the unmodified library root, or only with some sort of collection/search/filter?

    Can you take a screen recording of this happening, upload it somewhere (e.g., Dropbox or Google Drive), and either provide a link here or email the link to with a link to this thread? (We'll respond here in either case.)
  • These errors only occur for items imported from Mendeley. These Mendeley-imported items are within collection folders. I tested new items and root folders and no errors occurred.

    Another thing I wanted to mention is I noticed sometimes when the error occurred, I could see the affected collection folders in the left pane became highlighted. This did not occur every time though.

    I could not find a way to do a screen recording. My company does not have the built-in Microsoft apps enabled (Stream, Game Bar) and the 30 second video I took on my iPhone will not email.
  • OK, that's all right — if this is really only limited to the Mendeley items, we can test that further. If you're able to do a few more checks to confirm that this specifically only happens to those items, with all else being equal, that would be great.
  • I don't want to pollute this discussion, but the below describes similar symptoms when editing an annotation.
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