Translations from Transifex merged to GitHub - strings missing translation?

I have seen that translations have recently been merged from Transifex to GitHub in some of the last commits. However, while Norwegian bokmål has zero strings to translate on Transifex, there are still some strings in the commits that are untranslated. Could someone tell me how I could translate the missing strings?
  • edited December 19, 2021
    "Updated locales from Transifex" means that strings already on Transifex are pulled down and added to the repo.

    When we add new English strings (e.g., for new features), the English strings are applied to all locales before the next build to avoid runtime errors — that's "merge new English strings".

    Pushing new English strings to Transifex for localization is a separate process and doesn't show up in the commit history. We don't always do that right away, since we sometimes want to test new features with new strings for a little while before asking localizers to spend time translating them.
  • Thank you for your reply. I was afraid there was something missing on Transifex, either that there was an error or that I had done something that made the new strings invisible. I will just wait then for new strings to show up.
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