A way to store annotations of multiple documents to the files at once

I am using Zotero beta and having an integrated way to read documents is awesome. I also use ZotFile to extract notes from the annotations but I need to manually store the annotations into the files so that ZotFile can find them.

Can you please provide a way to store annotations into multiple files at once? It'd be much better if storing annotations into files is done automatically without the need to do it
  • If you're using the new PDF reader, you don't need to use ZotFile to extract annotations.

  • This is a really nice feature.
    Thanks for the pointer. However, I would still like to add notes to multiple documents from their respective annotations at once without the need to go through each document's parent item.
  • So basically you just want "Add Note from Annotations" to appear in the items list context menu when multiple items with annotations are selected? We can probably do that.
  • Yes, that's what I am looking for.
    And it would be nice to have another feature where generating a note using annotations would delete an older note that was generated from older annotations.
  • edited December 16, 2021
    I've added the ability to create notes from multiple items in the latest beta.

    The ability to update an existing annotation note rather than creating a new one is planned (but it's tricky, because you might have modified the existing one, added other text, etc.).
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