Grouping papers in in-text citations

Hi all,

Does anyone know why Zotero groups two papers but keeps the 2021 paper separate when I cite them in the text of my paper?

In text: (Bravo‐Ureta et al., 2021; Bravo-Ureta et al., 2020, 2012)

The three papers are:

Bravo‐Ureta, B.E., González‐Flores, M., Greene, W., Solís, D., 2021. Technology and technical efficiency change: Evidence from a difference in differences selectivity corrected stochastic production frontier model. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 103, 362–385.

Bravo-Ureta, B.E., Greene, W., Solís, D., 2012. Technical efficiency analysis correcting for biases from observed and unobserved variables: An application to a natural resource management project. Empir Econ 43, 55–72.

Bravo-Ureta, B.E., Higgins, D., Arslan, A., 2020. Irrigation infrastructure and farm productivity in the Philippines: A stochastic Meta-Frontier analysis. World Development 135, 105073.

  • There is a tiny difference between the earlier ones and the one from 2021.
    Just copy the "Bravo-Ureta" and the "Boris E." from one of the 2012/2020 over to the 2021 and paste it there. Then refresh your citations in your document and it'll work. :)
  • Which citation style? I'd have assumed they would all be listed with second author in APA
  • I imported them via DOI and tried it out with APA and could reproduce it. Maybe one of the characters is a different coding or so.
  • Thanks a lot. Worked like a charm.
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