Question about exporting references from Word document

edited December 13, 2021
Hi I have exported references from a Word document using the Reference extractor. But it doesn't seem to include the data in the Extra field in Zotero. Is this correct? If so, why is that the case? The reason I ask is because I created a csl style that includes the Extra field.
  • I haven't tested, but I'm guessing it's just a limitation of importing CSL JSON back into Zotero. What are you using this for? The tools does have an option to simple select items in the Zotero library you cited from (which would obviously keep the information in Extra).
  • Hi Adam, thank you for replying. But I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "the tools does have an option to simply select items." Can you tell me how that works? I have created a csl style for the company I work for and it needs to show the Extra field. Thanks!
  • What are you using the reference extractor for exactly? It has an option to select used items in a Zotero library rather than export them
  • I am using the extractor to extract Zotero references from a word document.
  • You're not answering the question. What's the use case? Why are you doing this?

    Also, adamsmith is hinting at the "Select in Zotero" button on
  • I apologize if I'm not being clear. I created a csl style for the journals that my company produces and one thing that needs to display is the Extra field -- which is where the information about the reference displays. Does that make it clear?
  • We understand why you need the info in Extra. We don't know why you need the reference extractor tool, which isn't part of standard Zotero workflows. Understanding that might also help identify a suitable solution for the specific issue you are trying to solve
  • Oh I see. I used the Reference Extractor tool to extract Zotero references from a Word document when I didn't have access to the Zotero library.
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