desktop beta bug in pdf view

edited December 12, 2021
When viewing a pdf in the desktop beta, an option to change title to Title Case/Sentence Case is available in the Info pane. It even looks like the change happens, but when I click back to further edit the title field, title capitalization stays the same as before. This doesn't happen every time, only once in a while.
  • I'm not able to reproduce that. Can you provide a Debug ID for it happening?
  • Was that for going to title case or sentence case?
  • That was for title but for sentence doesn't work either. But only if I click into the field right away. Otherwise it seems to work.
  • The debug output shows the title being saved as title case.
  • It's not converting the "r" after the parenthesis. That might be a mistake.
  • But only if I click into the field right away.
    Sorry, what do you mean by that? You're saying it looks like it changes, but if you click in the field, the edit mode shows the previous format?
  • Are you able to capture a screen recording of this with the Screenshot app and upload it somewhere?
  • Try this one D2013473700. Here I am trying to change to sentence case. I now exited the field and the title stayed unchanged. If this doesn't work, I'll make a recording.
  • I think we'll need a recording. That output shows "Item 2156346 has not changed", which is what would be logged if the field was already in the target format.
  • (You can email the video/link-to-video if you don't want to post it.)
  • Ah, it must be a display issue then. I am processing the screen recording - made it too big.
  • edited December 12, 2021
    Ok will email
  • OK, definitely looks like a display issue. We'll investigate — thanks!
  • @erazlogo: Just to help us try to reproduce this, is there anything specific you're doing from Zotero startup through this happening? Can you actually reproduce it after restarting Zotero?
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    Yes, I was able to reproduce, and also found a related bug.

    I restarted Zotero with no items open in PDF view. Opened Item 1 in PDF window, then went back to the list view and selected another item (2). Then went back to item 1 in the PDF view. Changed from title to sentence (did not work--display issue did happen). Then went back to list view. Item 2 now had the title of Item 1.

    I was able to reproduce it a couple of times. Debug ID: D546940014

    Maybe it's just a bug with my own database...
  • I can reproduce and will try to fix.
  • There will be a fix in the next update (for all mentioned issues).
  • @erazlogo: These should be fixed in the latest beta.
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